Cultural Mass Extinction

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The Origins of

Our Founding Story

The impetus behind came when one of our founders, Malcolm Collins, was living in South Korea as the director of Strategy at the nation’s top-rated (by government survey) early-stage VC fund. He was tasked with charting the future of the country in order to plan investments for his firm, but no matter how he parsed the data, it only said one thing: the Korean people were teetering on extinction.

At their current birth rate, there will be six great grandchildren for every hundred Koreans. This is tantamount to a disease wiping out 94% of the population over the next century.

Any business built in the country was a sketch on a beach before the rising tide. When he brought this up, the team’s response was: “That is common knowledge here; so, what?” When he pressed what the nation was doing to address this problem, he was redirected to another topic.

Everyone seemed familiar with the severity of the issue, yet nobody discussed potential solutions. It could be that this problem is so daunting and complex that it feels impossible to even begin to contemplate measures that might be taken to address it.

This is not sufficient grounds for giving up entirely. While Korea presents an extremist case, demographic collapse is seen all over the world. Even China’s best efforts to boost its national birth rate have failed to bring the population up to a sustainable rate.

But Malcolm saw more than that. He had started his career working at the Smithsonian on human evolution and was well aware that if something was lowering the probability that a portion of the human population reproduces, that portion would be bred out of the population, after which said population would stabilize. The question is: What inclinations are being systematically removed from humanity?

We may brave human laws but we can not resist the natural ones.

Jules Verne

About the founders

Simone and Malcolm Collins have operated companies on five continents that collectively pulled in seventy million dollars annually, raised a PE fund, directed strategy at top, early-stage VC firms, written three bestselling books, served as Managing Director of one of the world’s most exclusive secret societies (Dialog), and earned degrees in neuroscience, business, and technology policy from St. Andrews, Stanford, and Cambridge.

Currently they are helping to execute a new public-sector-focused Schmidt Futures venture and building a new educational system designed to increase the quality—and decrease the cost—of gifted education.

The First Pronatalist Organization

We are the first pronatalist organization in the world. While some others have claimed partial pronatalist motivation, they typically leverage the cause as a cover for a religiously-motivated, anti-abortion stance, or a racist stance aimed at reducing the population of specific ethnicities. 

We take a strict non-denominational stance with a focus on science and data. We also take a strong stance against racism. The science is clear that heritable differences within groups are bigger than the those between groups—heck, that is why the problem is as bad as it is. Demographic collapse and the resulting rise in authoritarian tribalist world views is a pressure being felt by all people—not a competition between ethnicities. It would be psychotic to fight over the color of our jerseys when civilizational collapse is the prize for second place

What we hope to achieve

Our Goals


Identify what is causing the decline in fertility rates and T count while advancing artificial womb technology


Work with governments in countries with at risk ethnic groups to help preserve them from extinction. 


Help change laws and social norms that limit loving and competent individuals' abilities to have and raise children.


Build a community that helps individuals dedicated to creating large families to affordably raise their children.