Cultural Mass Extinction

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The Cultural Mass Extinction

What if 90% of the world's cultures were erased?

We are about to experience the largest cultural mass extinction since the colonial period.

Over the next century, a huge portion of the world’s unique cultures will be snuffed out as a result of low birth rates. Enough countries have wrestled with this challenge that we know a lot of what doesn’t work:

  • Lowering the cost of child care does not work (if anything, it is correlated with lower birth rates)
  • Tax credits do not work
  • Government mandates do not work (see: China’s three child policy) 

The parts of the pronatalist movement still focused on free childcare and child tax credits is at the same stage the climate change movement was at when it it was widely believed that we simply need to warn people and the problem would be solved. While the burden of childcare must be addressed, addressing it alone does not fix the birth rate problem. 

The data makes it clear: This is not a problem of means but of will. Only cultures with a strong external motivation to have kids are well above repopulation rate at the moment; all others will enter the dustbin of history. Essentially, every world culture that does not have strong religious convictions or educate and treat women as equals is being systematically deleted. (Even groups with historically high birth rates that bucked this trend, such as the Church of Latter Day Saints—Mormons—have almost fallen below repopulation rate as of this year.)

Our foundation’s goal involves “gene splicing” as many cultures as possible with practices that empower them with the will to make it through this mass extinction. A single family having eight kids that successfully passes that practice to their own children can save their entire ethnic group. (One family having eight kids for ten generations leads to over a billion descendants.)

A less diverse future is a poorer one. We are taking this moment in history to save as many unique cultures as we can.

Project Ark

Save as many people and cultures as possible

We are are not delusional; we know there is nothing we can do to stop the cultural mass extinction that is coming. What we can do is encourage a diverse array of families to adopt new practices that help them make it through (via our various initiatives, as well as published material and research). 

We are actively building a diverse network of families with the grit to make it through this maelstrom. If you are committed to a high birth rate and building a healthy culture for your family, we want to talk!

Families | Journalists | Policymakers | Critics

Want to chat? So do we!

If you are one of those families committed to both a high birth rate and instilling the values required to ensure a high birth rate in the next generation, we want to connect. Our aim is to build a network of families who can work together to weather this storm and see the other side. 

We are also delighted to speak with those looking to better understand this cause and the threat of demographic. Journalists, policymakers, and people who strongly disagree with us are welcome!