Cultural Mass Extinction

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Birth rates are falling precipitously around the world in both developed and developing countries.

If dramatic action is not taken, we will witness the extinction of entire societies, expansion of totalitarian governments, and an unchecked rise of tribalism.

Demographic Collapse

Our society and economy operate on the assumption that each next generation will be larger. With productivity gains from technology declining, we will soon enter a world in which this dynamic no longer holds, causing stock markets to decline reliably on a macro scale. This will disrupt basic financial instruments and cause untold suffering.

Genocide Through Inaction

Ethnic groups like the Koreans and the Emirates will approach near extinction within a few generations. At current birth rates, there will be six great grandchildren for every hundred Koreans. This is equivalent to a disease that wipes out 94% of the population. We need radical solutions to save endangered ethnic groups.

Immigration Won't Save Us

Independent of the ethical consequences of siphoning off the most ambitious and vulnerable people from developing countries, importing them to developed countries, and forcing them to work to support another nation's aging population, immigration presents a short-lived solution. Only a handful of developing countries are slated to stay above repopulation rate over the next few decades.

Automation Won't Save Us

Automation concentrates wealth, reducing the elite's dependence on and interest in the majority of the population. While it may temporarily shield some from the coming demographic collapse, automation will do nothing to help most of the population: It won't prevent the genocide of dozens of ethnicities, and it won't halt shifts in human temperament that demographic data shows is inevitable.

A Stark Endgame

While demographic collapse is typically explored through an economic lens, the problem is far from purely economic.

Historically, people had lots of kids because it was the practical thing to do. A large family helped with business or at the very least resulted from a lack of access to birth control. Human advancements in labor and family planning have improved quality of life while yielding an unanticipated consequence: In a world in which it is “practical” from a self-interested perspective to stop after two kids (or have no kids at all) the only individuals still consistently producing children at well above repopulation rate are those with an ideological objective that supersedes self-interest (most of which society would consider ideological extremists) or those with an inclination toward authoritarian beliefs about how families and society should be structured (allowing people other than them to make decisions about family size). This would be fine if these inclinations were not laced with highly heritable components (and it turns out they are). This trend can be seen in the demographic data of every country, both between and within every religion and every culture.

Anyone who believes in science and data will see only one endgame. We are already well into this change. If you have ever wondered why different ideological factions in politics seem to be able to agree on less and less as time goes on, why they are becoming more authoritarian, and why tribalism seems to be increasing: You are witnessing the invisible hand of demographic collapse at work.

Population numbers will eventually rebound within a few hundred years, but progress the world has made in terms of women’s rights, freedom of speech, environmentalism, racial equality, gay rights, etc. runs the risk of systematic erasure if we fail to intervene.

Cropped Grandmother and Child

Sustainability and
Population Stability
Can Go Hand in Hand

Don't kill a chick because it broke its egg

Protecting Life & The Environment

A cursory glance at the statistics makes it clear that life on earth is exposed to constant risk from serendipitous stellar events. Even in a best-case scenario, all life on earth will be snuffed out by an expanding sun in a few billion years. Ending humanity ensures the death of the only biosphere we have ever known—whereas securing humanity’s future enables us to seed dozens more biospheres on other planets, each of which might blossom into something even more magnificent and diverse than what we have on earth today. 

Mankind isn’t the first species to cause a mass extinction, but we are the first species that can seed new biospheres. If the last species that caused a mass extinction had been eradicated, we would not have an oxygen-rich atmosphere and the rich biodiversity we see today. The only thing an individual could possibly save by ending humanity is the earth’s biosphere in the exact state in which it exists today (which, as history has demonstrated, will still shift significantly without us). 

If we fail to address plummeting birth rates, humanity has a very real chance of experiencing an extinction event. Even if we don’t go extinct, current birth rates are heavily selecting against a predilection for caring about the environment, meaning this trait will not be seen in future generations at the same level (as environmental advocacy appears to have heritable components). Despite what people will tell you, being anti-natalist is the most anti-environmental stance a person can take.

Don’t kill a baby chick because it broke its egg; nurture that chick and soon you will have many more eggs.

The Five-Child Pledge

The pronatalist five-child pledge involves making the personal sacrifices needed to prevent societal collapse. We work with families who make the pledge to secure affordable childcare and embryo freezing. Let's work together make it feasible to raise larger families in developed nations.

Pronatalist Research

Investigating topics ranging from economic policy to rapidly-declining sperm counts and testosterone crashing 30% in just the last decades, we fund research exploring factors contributing to demographic collapse and sustainable solutions to the world population crisis.

Facilitate new family structures

We strive to make parenthood accessible to all dedicated, loving, and competent individuals. We believe that while the nuclear family can sometimes be the right answer, it isn't the only answer.

Life Extension vs Pronatalism

Many who support the pronatalist movement find themselves adjacent to groups like transhumanists and rationalists, among which topics like life extension and cryogenics are common and framed as being directly at odds with pronatalism. While we do not see these goals as in direct conflict, let us suppose they are.

One of the oldest thought experiments, dating back to ancient Greece, asks whether Theseus’ ship remains the “same” ship over time even if Theseus replaces every piece of wood on his ship through his journey at one time or another (due to rot or damage).

What if Theseus were to replace pieces of wood with a superior material and install an engine in place of human rowers? Is it still the same ship then? Does it even matter?

Even if they are successful, in 200 years antinatalist life extensionists will be an iteration of Theseus who chose to manically refurbish every board on his ship while the rest of us accepted broader notions of identity and improved. You are not the same person you were twenty years ago and trying to stay the same person, trying not to improve over time, is a weakness—not a strength. Yes, children are not “you,” but you are not the same “you” that existed thirty years ago either.

As humans, we are blessed with an opportunity to seek out individuals to improve our genetic shortcomings and give the next iteration of ourselves, our children, a childhood unburdened with the baggage of our memories. Best of all, our descendants get to examine our beliefs and biases with a critical eye, throwing out weak and antiquated ideas. This is clearly a better deal than just living longer in the same body.

Join us! Together we can build the future

How We Can Be Useful to You?

Join Our Network of Families

Our network of families works together to not only review data-driven parenting information, but also ensure that our kids benefit from a strong peer network and access to unbiased, top-tier educational resources.

Policy and Government

We work with governments and consulting firms to develop and experiment with potential solutions to population collapse, ranging from incentive programs to advancing the development of an artificial placenta. We focus on governments that represent ethnicities exposed at risk of extinction due to demographic collapse. 

Egg, Embryo, and Sperm Banking

We work with families to approach the often-daunting task of freezing sperm, eggs, and embryos—a process that enables people to have large families of their own despite postponing childbearing in order to first pursue ambitious careers or create an optimal scenario for child rearing.

Educational Programs

We work to highlight the urgency of demographic collapse and raise general awareness, partnering with colleges, universities, schools, governments, and corporations.

Adopting an Intergenerational Perspective

Having Kids Is Not Right for Everyone

Fighting demographic collapse does not entail a battle between “us” and people who choose to not have children. Foregoing parenthood is the right choice for many people and society benefits from it. 

Fighting demographic collapse is not even about “us” versus those trying to convince others not to have kids. Yes, these groups often have racist undertones, links to Nazi / Malthusian ideologies, and in general are a danger to society, but from a generational perspective, these groups don’t matter. In 50 years, they will be dead. Like the Shakers before them, any toxic ideologies they hold will die with them.

Fighting demographic collapse involves overcoming social systems that make life hard for single parents, ending prejudices that prevent loving gay/poly families from adopting, eliminating pollution that harms fertility, battling the breakdown of social networks that support young parents, and dispelling unfounded fears tied to the development of IVF and artificial placentas.

We fight this war by doing what we can to support those who shoulder the burden of raising future generations while understanding that parenthood is not right for everyone.