The impetus behind

While analyzing potential investments as the Director of Strategy for an early-stage South Korean VC fund, Malcolm Collins charted the nation's economic, technological, and social future. No matter how he parsed the data, he arrived at the same conclusion: The Korean people were teetering on a catastrophic population collapse. When he brought this up with his team, he was met with a discouraging response: “This is common knowledge here. We just operate as though it is not the case.” 

At its current fertility rate, there will be 5.9 great grandchildren for every 100 South Koreans alive today, meaning the nation is headed toward a 96% population collapse. Given that 57.4% of Koreans are past their peak reproductive years, it is unlikely anything can be done to prevent disaster at this point. As he returned to the US, Malcolm felt as though he was travelling twenty years back in time with three key pieces of information:


Increased prosperity and female educational attainment (both good things) correlate with plummeting birth rates, which have yet to reach an "organic floor" in any nation undergoing demographic collapse. Birth rates will continue to fall without outside intervention.


Despite various attempted interventions, nations have yet to find a solution that improves birth rates enough to avert demographic collapse. Politicians are disincentivized from working on the problem as doing so fails to produce instant effects that drive reelection. 


Multicultural countries show the most resistance to P.G.E.T.-induced fertility collapse (while in contrast, monoethnic and monocultural nations have the lowest fertility rates). Halting immigration hurts rather than helps local populations' fertility rates.

Mission Statement:
Empower families who choose to preserve and expand human cultural, ethnic, and genetic diversity.

The Founders

Simone and Malcolm Collins have collectively operated companies on five continents that pulled in seventy million dollars annually, raised a PE fund, directed strategy at top, early-stage VC firms, written five bestselling books, served as Managing Director of one of the world’s most exclusive secret societies (Dialog), and earned degrees in neuroscience, business, and technology policy from St. Andrews, Stanford, and Cambridge.
Currently they are building a new educational system designed to increase the quality—and decrease the cost—of gifted education. Their day job is running

Executive Director

Lillian Tara is the Executive Director of, where she works on expanding the availability of information and services to make raising families both affordable and enjoyable.
She works with parents and potential partners, and is our inaugural “Egg Freezing Ambassador.” She is the incoming COO of the Collins Institute, where she is designing a curriculum, cultivating mentorship networks, and growing partnerships to provide services for talented youth. She is starting her graduate degree at Harvard next year.
Lily is also cofounding a nonprofit designed to build and leverage networks to provide financial, intellectual, and emotional support to young problem-solvers.

The First Pronatalist Foundation

We are the first pronatalist organization in the world. While other organizations support various forms of pronatalism, they typically use pronatalism as proxy for other ideological and religious ends. We take a strict non-denominational stance on the subject of birth rates and demographic collapse, with a focus on science and data.

We are strongly against authoritarian population control policies. Rather than coercive, we are voluntarily expansive. We offer support and resources for anyone who has kids or may want them, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, income, or other background.