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Uncomfortable issues and inconvenient truths around fertility, family, and reproductive technology aren't discussed openly enough. 

We Strongly Believe Engaging With Journalists And Cultural Commentators Is Critical For Free And Honest Dialogue.
This Can Mean Hit Pieces, Clickbait, And Uncharitable Assumptions. That's Okay! While We Strongly Contest The Framing Of Our Values In Some Of These Pieces, We've Included Them Anyway.

"I do not think humanity is in a great situation right now. And I think if somebody doesn't fix the problem, we could be gone"

"How do we create intergenerationally, durable cultures that will lead to our species being a diverse, thriving, innovative interplanetary empire one day that isn't at risk from, you know, a single asteroid strike or a single huge disease? " -- Malcolm Collins via Julia Black, Insider

What, then, might we do to save the human race from dwindling and, eventually, disappearing?

"Beyond boosting our happiness, growing our family has made us more efficient as CEOs. We now have no choice but to focus on what truly matters, while managing our limited resources and learning to delegate responsibilities—all qualities that are as vital in the boardroom as they are in the nursery." Malcolm Collins, NY Post

The power couple on a mission to save the world from demographic disaster

"Before marrying, they committed to having between 7 and 13 children. Since Simone was older, she had to ensure that her age would not be a barrier to their plans for an expanding family. In 2018, which they call the Year of the Harvest, they produced and froze as many embryos as possible. They already have three children: Octavian, Torsten, and Titan Invictus." -- Michael Cook, MercatorNet

A World Wide Phenomenon

"More than 50% of the world's population lives in a country where the birth rate is lower than the renewal threshold, justifies Malcolm Collins. This is already the case here, but also in the countries where most of our immigrants come from - South America, Central America and the Caribbean." Sitting next to him for an interview on Zoom, with, in his arms, the couple's latest baby, Simone Collins completes, "The demographic collapse is a huge problem, but people refuse to see it, precisely because its consequences would be enormous in terms of infrastructure, debt, governance... Our brains prefer to avoid thinking about it." (From Les Echos)

The Pandora's Box of Embryo Testing is Officially Open

"Embryo 3, the fertilized egg that Collins and her husband, Malcolm, had picked, could soon be their daughter—a little girl with, according to their tests, an unusually good chance of avoiding heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and schizophrenia." - Carey Goldberg, Bloomberg Businessweek

The new push for more babies: How tech elites think it will save the planet

"Pronatalists fear the world is on the verge of “demographic collapse” and that if something dramatic isn’t done, the consequences will be dire. Among them, a rapidly aging world with fewer working-age bodies to support social programs and growing populations of pensioners; innovation will suffer, economies and living standards will stagnate or collapse." -- Sharon Kirkey, National Post

New kids on the block: geeky, wealthy, entrepreneurial pro-natalism activists

The problem is that most countries have birth-rates below replacement level. And no one knows how to coax women into having more children, as China has discovered, to its dismay." -- Michael Cook, BioEdge

The Population Crash

"The other core reason is we have structured our economy to organically milk every individual worker for the maximum productivity they can provide, and we don’t think long-term. A free market economy organically determines what it needs to pay someone to get them to not spend time with their family or their spouse; it naturally selects the minimum amount to pay to get the maximum amount of time." - - Malcolm Collins via the Ohio Star

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